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We are a team of young and free-spirited sports lovers with a passion for extreme, and we are eager to share our passion with you!

We believe that our electric skateboards can become the ultimate new mode of transportation in any city, big or small.

Getting around campus to your class, crossing a few streets to your work, running a quick errand in town — with an AZBO™ board, you can do all of that and have fun in the meantime!

And when all the work is done and it’s time to play, you can also whip out your electric skateboard! Explore the streets of your city and experiment with speed and riding style on your reliable, maneuverable, and comfortable AZBO™ skateboard.

We want every single one of you to get the best possible product and enjoy your riding experience to the fullest. That is why we offer only top-quality boards that will transform your idea of skateboard riding. 

Our team is here to help you with any questions you may have and provide unparalleled customer service in case of any issues.